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Super Flex Premium Crack Sealant




Super Flex Crack Filler is the only Fuel Resistant, cold applied, single component, asphalt based, sealant that also meets the specifications of ASTM D3405 and D6690.   The Fuel Resistant Spec ASTM D2939 means this is the one the military and airport has specified for use (check your specs).  This premium grade sealer can be delivered to your project and staged right where you want it.  We know these projects leave no room for error.  Forward any paper work necessary to us to comply with the specs and we will have this delivered directly to your approved material staging area.  Super Flex is most likely the material specified for this use, but if not we can help you get approval for this as an alternate complying product and can assist in directing specifications to the compliance department for approval in time for your use.  Approval for the use of Super Flex as an alternate product can take the compliance office some time so do not delay.  But Super Flex crack filler will be approved - you can stop searching.  Place your order today for early delivery and approval for your work.  If possible, let us know you have this upcoming project at the time of the bid so we can stage things and be ready for you.  We want your business and understand Airport and Government projects. Available in 55 Gallon Drum or 5 Gallon Pail.

  • Fuel Resistant Crack Sealer Meets ASTM Spec D2939
  • Cold Applied One Component Crack Sealer for Airports and Roadways specs ASTM D3405 and D6690
  • Highly Rubberized Asphalt Emulsion Modified with Selected Plastisizers for greater Elasticity
  • Fill Concrete or Asphalt Joints up to 1” in width
  • Low and High Temperature Durability with no high temperature tracking
  • Premium Grade Good for Airports, Roadways, Parking Lots and Playgrounds
  • Return Traffic within 20 Minutes in most cases

Container Size:     55 Gallon Drum (this is a freight shipped item)

What crack sealer is fuel resistant and made for airport and roadway applications?  Super Flex Cold Applied One Component Sealer available in 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums.  You are going to want the 55 gallon drum as you will not have to dispose of all of those 5 gallons as they will want to know how you got rid of those containers (proper disposal required).

Where can I buy Cold Joint Sealant that is fuel resistant?  Sealcoating.com has fuel resistant cold applied, single component crack sealant for your airport, runway, or roadway project where this has been specified.

How do I apply this fuel resistant crack sealer?  The same way as the other easy to apply cold crack sealants.  But for the most efficient application consider our Crack Shot 55 gallon drum applicator.

5 Gallon Pail of Super Flex49.0 lb
55 Gallon Drum of Super Flex551.0 lb

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