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Swivel Head Sealing Disk for Hot Rubber Wand Application




Our Swivel Disk for dispensing hot rubber or tar from your applicator wand and crack machine comes in either 3” or 4” size with ¾” inlet. These swivel plates lay down the perfect amount of rubber by directing the crack sealer right into the crack and perfectly over banding or overfilling the joint. This swivel head sealing disk for applying hot rubber lays flat to the pavement as you turn and follow the cracks. This swivel disk is sometimes called a swivel plate and reduces your arm motion and energy as you do not need to rotate as you turn and makes your day less tiring. The swivel disk rotates as you turn but always stays flat to the surface.

Swivel Disk for Hot Rubber applicator comes in 3” and 4” size with ¾” material inlet
Swivel Plates hug the ground and keep the flow of rubber consistent
Easy control of material with swivel disks

3"1.5 lb
4"2.0 lb

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