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36 in Tampico Sealcoating Brush Head




Our Sealcoating Tampico Replacement Strip or Brush heads are made for our strip brush holders.  This is the finest sealcoating broom combo available.  You may add this Tampico Strip brush with 3.5" trim to your existing handle and holder set up as our prices are the most competitive and these are in stock and ready to ship.  If you have been using the stiffer poly bristle brush head (power brush strip) and you try one of these you may never order the others again!    

  • White Tampico 3.5" Trim Hair is soft and perfect for sealcoating finesse and perfect edges
  • Not too soft that it leaves too much material/good downward pressure still exists
  • Try this on your next project and you will never use the stiffer power brush strip alternative again

*Due to the shortage of the white hair variety Tampico brush hair we may on occasion ship our alternate Tampico brush head that is made with the same quality and is identical in performance and stiffness.  You will not notice a difference with the exception of hair color.  Our alternate consists of varying darker shades of Tampico hair (but it is not the horse hair)--it is the Tampico hair. 

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