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The Word STOP Paint Stencil




Our Paint Stencil Says STOP.  When you buy this they won't roll through the pedestrian walkway.  When you paint this with our durable Paint Stencils the driver will know to stop.  There are many pavement marking that can be used to create caution and to make traffic flow better due to your road markings or traffic control plan but nothing is more clear then the Phrase STOP stenciled and painted in a bright color.

Heavy Plastic long lasting cleanable STOP stencil made for Reuse

 Available in 3 Sizes with in the larger Character Stencils:
-Character Size: 12"X9"; Stencil Height: 18"; Stencil Width: 48"; Weight: 5.62 lbs
-Character Size: 18"X12"; Stencil Height: 24"; Stencil Width: 60"; Weight: 9.36 lbs
-Character Size: 24"X12"; Stencil Height: 30"; Stencil Width:60"; Weight: 11.70 lbs

1/8" LDPE Low Density Polyethylene construction for Longest Stencil Life

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12" Character Height5.62 lb
12" Character Height Thickness 1/16"5.62 lb
18" Character Height9.36 lb
18" Character Height Thickness 1/16"5.62 lb
24" Character Height11.7 lb
24" Character Height Thickness 1/16"11.7 lb

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