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VISITORS Paint Stencil




Buy and Paint with our VISITORS Paint Stencils.  But when you paint this in your visitor parking spaces make sure you give your visitors the parking spots up front.  Too often we see the reserved parking for employees closer to the building than the Visitor parking?  This is not the first impression you want for office parking lot.

 Multiple Large Format Stencil  Sizes Available:
-Character Size: 12"X9"; Stencil Height: 18"; Stencil Width: 92"; Weight: 10.76 lbs
-Character Size: 18"X12"; Stencil Height: 24"; Stencil Width: 116"; Weight: 18.10 lbs

1/8" or 1/16" Economy (LDPE) which is a Low Density tougher Polyethylene construction for Longest Stencil Life

12" Character Height; 1/16" Thickness8.76 lb
12" Character Height; 1/8" Thickness10.76 lb
18" Character Height; 1/8" Thickness18.1 lb
18" Character Height; 1/16" Thickness8.76 lb

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