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W.R. Meadows 164




This #164 by WR Meadows is an old perfected formula with extremely high quality characteristics of a good single component hot pour that will not clog the pump. This is not stringy but smooth and flexes in cold weather. Take a look at this line up of quality characteristics:

  • Single Component Polymer Hot Applied
  • NO Flow in Hot Temps
  • Stretches and gives without separation in extreme cold
  • Smooth when squeegeed; just feels right with no clogging issues for your pump
  • Adhesion Superiority and ability to stay bonded to pavement

Note:  If you have ever had issues of pump clogging due to trying a new product or during application where the wand or squeegee did not feel like it was gliding smoothly along the pavement then you need to make this your next purchase –you will not find that with this product.

Default55.0 lb

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