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W.R. Meadows Hi-Spec Hot Rubber Joint Sealer




HI-SPEC is WR Meadow's Polymeric Hot Applied Joint Sealant that was created for the highest of specs as its name implies.  It is a single component joint sealant made with 100% virgin materials. HI-SPEC will not get hard and inflexible in extreme cold and can move with ground expansion in these temperatures yet it will not flow or travel in excessive heat or temps up 140 degrees F (60C).

  • Hot Pour Single Component Sealer
  • Great Ability to Adhere to Pavement
  • Holds Strong in Cold Temperatures
  • Will Not Flow or Travel at temps up to 140 degrees F (60C)
  • HI-SPEC crack sealant may contribute to LEED Credits

 Container Size:  50lb box with two block in one container totaling 50lbs

This product is designed for use in oil jacketed melters. Relevant Specifications: ASTM D6690, Type II (formerly ASTM D3405); AASHTO M301.

Default55.0 lb

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