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W.R. Meadows Safe Seal 3405 Crack Sealant - 5 Gal Pail




Safe Seal 3405 Crack Sealant Is a higher performing cold applied sealant in one component form that meets most specs of hot pour sealants.  This sealant will level itself within the crack and can address cracks up to 1 inch in thickness and still remains elastic.  Good for concrete or asphalt joints, this product can be used for all sizes of sealant projects for roadways, airports and for parking lots and becomes tack free in 2 hours or less.  It can be a great alternative for small crack projects when it does not make sense to apply a hot sealant as it would be too costly to fire up the kettle for such a small project; or for a crew that may not have the experience to handle the hot pour project, yet this crack sealing work is holding up completion.  This sealant will not track in warm weather and will remain flexible in cold weather.  It can be applied when cracks are damp and do not need to be fully dry as in applying hot rubber.  This is another quality that can allow for work flexibility when you need to complete that joint seal on time but cannot wait.

  • Meets 3405 specs although a cold applied Sealant
  • One component high performance sealant with Polymers
  • Seal cracks up to 1 inch and stays elastic
  • Tack Free in 2 hours or less
  • Can be applied when crack is not fully dry
  • Airports, Roadways and Parking Lots
Default60.0 lb

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