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Product Image 14" Pavement Spikes-Wheel Stops & Bumper Blocks-RubberForm-Sealcoating.com

14" Pavement Spikes




These Pavement Spikes are used to secure  our Speedbumps, End Caps and Wheel Stops to the Pavement.   Simply Drill a 1/2 inch  hole 3-4 inches deep  and drive the  Spikes through the Surface.  Rebar Spikes to Secure Our Speedbumps or Wheelstops in asphalt. 

  • Heavy Duty Spikes for securing our Wheel Stop
  • Asphalt Spikes go through Pavement or Blacktop
  • Rebar Spikes Designed hold objects in Asphalt
  • Available in 14" and 24" (non galvanized)
  • Galvanized (Hot Dipped) options include 24" and 48" with caps 

Select Galvanized or non galvanized and select your size below.

14" Rebar Spike with Cap0.7 lb
24" Rebar Spike with Cap0.9 lb
24" Galvanized (hot dipped) Rebar Spike with Cap0.9 lb
48" Galvanized (hot dipped) Rebar Spike with Cap2.4 lb

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