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5 Gallon Crack Filling Cart




This Drop-Pot Crack Sealing Cart holds 5 gallons and is what you need for your cold crack filling jobs.  This cart allows you to easily move around and perform all of your crack sealing and filling while saving your back.  You drop a 5 gallon bucket of crackfiller in the cart and the special holder cuts a hole in the bucket and then all you do is squeeze the handle to release the crackfiller.  Let go and it shuts off.  Now you can easily move around with your 5 gallon container of crackfiller and you will use every drop of it with no waste.  If you have been bent over pouring buckets you will be thankful for this new crack cart back saver!

  • Cart for cracksealing
  • Cold pour crackfiller cart moves around your job site with ease
  • No more bending and holding
  • Use every drop
  • Drop the bucket down and the cart perforates a hole in the bucket
  • Squeeze control to open and shut off is tight and fast
  • Works great with our cold pour Spider Crack Asphalt Crack Sealer and our V-Shaped Asphalt Squeegee
Special Note:  This is a NEW Model and this will save you time and from wasting crack filler that is left in every bucket when you do it the old back breaking way.
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