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Product Image Spider Crack Economy Grade Crack Sealer

Spider Crack™ Economy Grade Asphalt Crack Sealer




Spider Crack™ economy grade pavement crack sealer is perfect for those cracks less than ½" in width and for relatively narrow surface pavement cracks and joint filling. This economical crack sealer is good for non-active cracks and refilling during maintenance. This ready-to-use formula is for any paved surfaces such as parking lots, athletic courts, running tracks, driveways, playgrounds and walkways.

  • Prevents moisture from entering the subgrade
  • Fast drying
  • Good resilient characteristics
  • Warm climate durability and flexibility
  • For pavement cracks up to ½” in width

Container sizes: comes in one gallon, five gallon and 55 gallon drum containers.

SURFACE PREPARATION:  Surface must be clean, dry and free of all dirt dust and debris.  For cracks exceeding ½” to 1” fill with Sealcoating.com’s Fat Crack PREMIUM Trowelable Crack Seal.  Cracks containing oil or petroleum contaminants can be treated using Sealcoating.com’s Seal Over + Oil Spot Primer to improve adhesion and the ability for the seal coat to bond to the pavement.

APPLICATION:  Mix material well prior to using as is.  Pourable crack filler can be applied with a pour pot dispenser or suitable crack sealing applicator cart or machine.  Scrape or squeegee flush to surface using a rubber-bladed V shaped asphalt squeegee tool and allow to cure completely before sealing the pavement.  To promote adhesion to refined tar or asphalt emulsion pavement sealers sprinkle or “over sand” with a fine mesh sand with screened consistency before set up.  Sanding over the top can reduce tracking during hot temperature curing times and can reduce downtime.

COVERAGE PER GALLON:  Estimated to cover up to 80 linear feet of ½” X ½” depth cracks, but coverage is indefinite. 

CAUTION:  KEEP FROM FREEZING. Do not use if surface is wet, or it is suspected to rain. Do not store in hot temperatures or use product when temperature is below 50°F. Keep container out of the reach of children and closed when not in use

PACKAGING:  1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

Weight per gallon, @ 77°F, ASTM D1010 (lbs) 9.30 - 9.50
Viscosity @ 77°, ASTM D562 (Kreb’s Stormer Unit) 75 - 80
% Weight Solids 52.00 - 55.00
Drying time (minutes) ¼” x ¼” @ 77°f & 50% RH 60 min.
AASHTO M 140-70 meets spec.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - Click to View PDF in New Window | Click to Download PDF

Product Info Sheet (INFO) - Click to View PDF in New Window | Click to Download PDF

5 Gallon Pail49.0 lb
Case of Qty 6 - 1 Gallon Containers60.0 lb

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