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Asphalt Crack Filler Pour Pot with Wheels




This wheeled pour pot for crack sealing will make it easy for applying hot pour rubber or cold crack fillers on your parking lot.  The wheels allow fast movement with easy quick turns to chase down those cracks and all the sealant is dropped into our circular material guide for a neater application.  This ringed guide acts to smooth out the filler as you direct it and squeegees the rubber flush with the surface avoiding waste.   No second person is needed following behind with a squeegee while crack sealing as this crack dispenser does both jobs with one person.

  • Fill and Squeegee with one person
  • Flattens the crack sealing material with the circular guiding ring with no need for a squeegee
  • Steel Wheels on this 2.5 to 3 gallon pour pot allows for quick easy turns   
  • Will make your crack sealing neater with smoother edges noticeable to your customers
  • Steel crack cones can handle the heat to clean up the sealant left from the last job
  • Works great with our hot rubber Pure Hot Pour Crack Filler and cold pour Spider Crack Asphalt Crack Sealer and our V-Shaped Asphalt Squeegee

Option: to add the extra 6 replacement squeegee rubber that surrounds the steel ring crack material guide select the second option and make sure you always have enough.  You may like using these especially for cold pour crack sealing.

Crack Pour Pot with Wheels8.0 lb
Crack Pour Pot with Wheels including 6 squeegee rubber ring replacements8.0 lb

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