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Product Image 55 Gallon Hot Rubber Mastic Melter Kettle

55 Gallon Hot Rubber Asphalt Mastic Melter Kettle




Our 55 Gallon Hot Rubber Asphalt Mastic Melter Kettle is the right patching machine for filling large joints and gaps in the pavement with hot mastic rubber material. Make quick work of high volume crack and joint sealing of parking lots and roads. This mastic melter is designed to sit on a flatbed truck or trailer and used in conjunction with a mastic applicator (like our 10 Gallon Mastic Applicator) but can be used standalone as well. High quality manufactured machine that is air jacketed with triple wall construction, hydraulically-driven agitation system and 60,000 BTU/hr propane burner heat output which is thermostatically controlled (material is ready for application in 45-60 minutes).

  • 16 Gauge Skin, 14 Gauge Funnel, 20 Gauge Lid 
  • 4" Molasses Flow Valve
  • 100 - 500 degree Thermostat Control Panel
  • Includes tools and utility torch to heat flow valve
  • Uses half the amount of propane as direct fire melters
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):  86.5 inches x 33 inches x 34 inches
  • Weight: 585 lbs (unloaded), 1435 lbs (loaded)
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