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Product Image Crack Shot Crack Filling 55 Gal Drum Pump Applicator

Crack Shot Crack Filling 55 Gal Drum Pump Applicator




Crack Shot Crack Filling Applicator (drum pump) for a 55 Gallon Drum was designed to allow for fast set up and for the pumping of many cold applied one component crack fillers right from the 55 gallon barrel. This simple air pump unit can be ready to work in 5 minutes. Quickly dispense your crack filling material in a directed method with speed and efficiency. This unit will help you quickly seal the joints in concrete or asphalt pavements and can handle almost every cold one component crack filler material type that we offer or for the filler you already have.

  • Crack filling dispenser lid, pump, hose, and wand for 55 gallon drum barrel
  • 5 minute setup and 5 minute cleanup as opposed to hot applied sealants
  • Drum Pump will Pump most all one component cold applied crack fillers
  • For concrete and asphalt joint filling or sealing
  • Cold materials are safer for the applicator and the environment
  • Works great with our 55 Gal Drum of Gap Crete Concrete Joint Sealer

 55 Gallon Drum Pump Specifications:

  1. Diaphragm pump can move 100+ K.U. adhesives in liquid form through a ½” discharge system with no clogging or emulsion shearing and does not separate solids from liquids.
  2. 1 gallon per minute discharge or 2 gallon per minute Redirectional Enhancement System (REES)
  3. To operate system properly, air pressure should be between 35 psi and 120 psi maximum.
  4. The top opened container is required to accommodate our 7 gauge steel lid that replaces the 55 gallon drum barrel lid—simple!
  5. System was designed to be thixotrophic which means it will not separate solids from liquids which can alter the crack filler.
  6. Crack Shot data sheet and assembly instructions (PDF).
Components Included:  Air diaphragm teflon lined pump, steel lid with handles that fits a 55 gallon drum/barrel, 35' hose and wand with shut off valve for dispensing, 33" suction hose, 120 lb. regulator gauge. Everything you see in the picture except the drum. You will be ready to go.

    Note: Product should be circulated prior to use to ensure the proper viscosity of material for application.

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