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Product Image Gap Crete 1 Gallon Concrete Joint Sealer

Gap Crete™ Gray Concrete Crack Sealant


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Gap Crete™ is the only gray concrete joint sealant cold applied that remains flexible, adheres to jagged concrete joints and edges.  This single component concrete joint sealant is an elastomeric emulsion that flexes and stays in place in large reservoir applications and in extreme temperatures. Gap Crete is available in large or small containers and can be poured or pumped for large jobs eliminating packaging and waste. It is NOT A SILICONE OR A URETHANE which is what makes this so unique, but it does meet low modulus silicone caulk standards. This gray joint sealant for concrete and asphalt is a cold applied single component gray crack sealant in a ready to use container. You will enjoy a faster application and drying time for all those concrete crack and joint sealing projects.

  • Gray Concrete Joint and Asphalt Sealant (pourable single-component emulsion)
  • Cost 20-30% LOWER than alternatives as it is NOT a Silicone or Urethane
  • Dries Faster yet flexible skinning on the surface first in a short time meets “Rapid Cure” standards
  • Pourable or Pumpable for larger projects and faster install (see “Large Project” below)
  • Non Solvent based easy water cleanup in uncured state NO SOLVENTS NEEDED
  • NO vapors, respiratory or skin irritants
  • Tolerates limited dampness during installation (will increase cure time)
  • No special tools or application equipment for this gray elastomeric emulsion
  • Not a Silicone yet conforms or exceeds specs for ultra-low modulus silicone applications

Application info here:

Small projects: We recommend using a large industrial caulk gun for our 5 gallon pails to direct the sealant into the joints.  The one gallon jugs can be squeezed into place with the directing tip.

Large projects can be performed using our 55 gallon drums of Gap Crete and the air diaphragm drum applicator (see the link below for our Crack Shot drum Applicator).  Using this method on large scale joint filling projects will achieve the savings you desire with ease of application unlike the other products such as silicone or urethane.  This is where you will save in time on your larger projects while also finding that there is no sealant like this for concrete joint filling in a gray color that holds onto the edges and is nice to work with.

Gap Crete Joint filling will dry and self level.  After curing surface will be recessed approximately 3/8” - 1/4” below surface but shrinkage is minimal and this product actually holds onto the crack or joint edges.

“Large Project” applications:  Gap Crete is ideal for larger projects as we can supply this product economically in 55 gallon drums.  This product can be applied with a double diaphragm drum pump (order our Crack Shot Crackfilling Applicator) or install with large reusable industrial sized syringes (eliminates the waste of those small caulk containers).  This allows an efficient application that is less difficult with no need for the expensive RAM pumps.  We carry both the large industrial caulk guns and the double diaphragm drum pumps.  City and municipal feedback has been tremendous.  Applications for large concrete surface areas with joints that have remained exposed and unprotected due to the inefficiency and slow application of silicone caulks and other polyurethane products just became a thing of the past.

Note: Most large 29 oz. caulk containers suggest that the size is ideal for larger projects but when have you ever believed that?!  Any project with size you are left wondering “why isn’t there a better way with less waste”.  We have the answer for your larger joint sealing projects for asphalt and concrete joints and cracks.   If you perform a price comparison you will find a superior performing product and save as much as 25-30% on your next project.

Application Project Spotlight

Retail and Wholesale Buyers:  Gap Crete is ready for prime time and we are ready to begin supplying it to your hardware store chain.  We can prepare to comfortably supply a larger volume retail hardware chain with our product.  We have been selling this product currently in 5 gallons pails and 55 gallon drums and it is fully tested.  We can provide ½ gallon, quart or pint sized containers for your store and are seeking a chain to begin with 100+ stores.  It is suggested that you begin testing this year.  We are quite sure from our commercial user feedback that your customers will be asking for this as there is no alternative currently with the same advantages.  We know you will work to carry this in all your stores by the following year due to its advantages over traditional silicone caulks and polyurethanes and its’ lower cost structure.  Gap Crete is a gray elastomeric emulsion that is user friendly complying with all V.O.C. emissions and EPA standards with an ability to seal larger concrete or asphalt cracks.

Other Important information or “advantages over traditional Silicone or two component sealants:

Gap Crete dries faster and can be applied and will hold in imperfect conditions or even in moderately damp joints although thorough cleaning is best and moisture increases cure time.  It is flexible and expandable in severe temperature changes.  Gap Crete is NOT A POLYURETHANE AND IS NOT A SILICONE yet conforms to or exceeds specifications for ultra-low modulus silicone for many highway departments and federal agencies.  This gray elastomeric emulsion is good for professionals, government use, homeowners, and commercial building maintenance applications.

Not a Silicone Caulk yet conforms or exceeds specs for ultra-low modulus silicone specifications

  • Exceptional Shape Factor of 1.5 on joints 2” (50.8 mm) wide and better on joints up to 1-1/2” (25.4 mm)
  • Great ability to hold up in high heat environments without breaking down
  • Cold temp tolerances -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 degrees C)
  • Bonds to both concrete and asphalt no need to remove asphalt near concrete in joint areas
  • Adheres to jagged edges with no need to route or saw joints (backer rod unnecessary)
  • Does not become brittle and roll out of joints

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - Click to View Gap Crete SDS Sheet (PDF)

1 Gallon Gap Crete™ Gray Concrete Sealant Cold Applied11.8 lb
5 Gallon Pail Gap Crete™ Gray Concrete Sealant Cold Applied59.0 lb
Qty 6 - One Gallon Bottles (Case of 6)70.2 lb
55 Gallon Drum of Gap Crete™ Gray Concrete Sealant - Cold Applied656.7 lb

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