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Product Image Full Pallet Traffic Channelizer two 6 in stripes

Full Pallet 42 in Traffic Channelizer w/6 in Reflective Stripes




Our full pallet or truckload quantity of these 42 in Traffic Channelizers with two 6in Reflective Stripes comes with 200 per pallet!  Two stripes for visibility come in your choice of Engineer Grade, Hi-Intensity, or Diamond grade sheeting.  Product has a fracture resistant handle for easy transportation and channelizers can stack for optimal storage.  Handle can also act as a mount for a light.  Design of this model is tapered with 6 in diameter bottom section that becomes 4 in diameter in the top section. These channelizers come with NO BASE, but order with either 16 lb bases or 30 lb bases for added stability and weight.  Product is 3 lbs.  Order as a full pallet to save on your next project.

  • Full Pallet - Qty 200 - 42 in Traffic Channelizer with two 6-in reflective stripes
  • Each channelizer is 3 lbs - NO BASE included
  • Choose quality of reflective sheeting: Engineer Grade, Hi-Intensity, or Diamond Grade
  • Add either 16 lb rubber bases or 30 lb rubber bases

Product Details: 

42 in tall 

Weight: 3 lbs, add a base for added weight 

Diameter: Bottom section 6 in and tapers to 4 in for the top section 

Material: Linear Low-Density Polyethylene 

Color: UV-Stabilized Highway Orange 

Pallet Dimensions: 42 x 48 x 91

Pallet Weight: 860 lbs

Note: There are two 6-inch reflective stripes that are white.  Choose desired grade of sheeting.

Please adhere to local and state specs/regulations for channelizers.  Pay attention to how many reflective stripes and of which quality is required.  These channelizers come with two 4-inch reflective stripes and the options of Engineer Grade, Hi-Intensity Prismatic, or Diamond Grade sheeting.

Engineer Grade - Full Pallet Channelizer (no base) - Qty 200860.0 lb
Hi-Intensity - Full Pallet Channelizer (no base) - Qty 200860.0 lb
Diamond Grade - Full Pallet Channelizer (no base) - Qty 200860.0 lb

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