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Product Image Rubber Sectional Island Curbing with reflectors

Rubber Sectional Island Barrier Curb




Our Rubber Sectional Island Barrier Curb is a durable rubber traffic curb that can be formed into curved traffic circles and islands.  This curb comes in a 3 foot section and is the perfect alternative to concrete or granite traffic curbing.  The flexible rubber material allows for the curb to be field-formed to a 5" radius or preformed to a 1" radius.  Each section has 3 molded holes for securing with either lag bolts or rebar spikes, and an interconnector is included to hold the curb in place.  It's easy to install and no excavation is required, making it a great option for either temporary or permanent curb.  This curb can repeatedly withstand class 8 truck impacts and is perfect for center medians, traffic circles, and forming other traffic calming shapes.  Choose between matte black or black with reflective strip.  See our hardware options below to add to your order.

  • Easy installation 
  • Easily withstands heavy traffic impacts
  • Forms traffic calming shapes such as circular islands
  • Dimensions: 6”H x 6”W x 36”L
  • 32 lbs per curb

See our Concrete Lag Bolt Kit or our Rebar Spikes for installation.

Rubber Sectional Island Barrier Curb: Matte Black32.0 lb
Rubber Sectional Island Barrier Curb: With Reflective Stripes32.0 lb

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