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Seal Spray Hose with Crimped Fittings - 100 ft




Our Seal Spray Hose comes with crimped swivel fittings (both ends male) connected to our Red Pliovic Plus material you are looking for at 250 psi and available in 100 foot length. It is lighter and tougher than others and the swivel ends on both sides makes this ready to hook up and go. These hydraulic like crimped ends that swivel give you peace of mind that the end is not coming off under normal sealer pump pressure. This will keep your crew safe from the cheaper self attaching ends that can blow when the temperature is hot and the hose is under pressure. This pre-built seal spray hose with crimped attachable ends is 100 foot in length. The swivel compression fittings (crimped fittings) have 3/4" male threaded ends and swivel on both the hose real end and the spray wand eliminating the twisting affect that causes hose failure.  

  • Seal Spray Wand Hose rated for 250 psi for your Seal spray truck and wand
  • Pliovic Plus hose resists oils and chemicals and can handle being dragged around the pavement
  • This lighter weight Seal hose is selected by pro buyers and our buyer with over 30 yrs in the pavement sealing business found this one to be best
  • Lighter and tougher than other seal hose and good for warm climates
  • Available in multiple pre-cut lengths with swivel compression fittings on both ends (both ends male-see options)
  • For bulk hose buying see our 3/4" hose product and you can add your own ends and cut to length
  • Available in pre-cut 100 foot length with swivel male ends crimped and ready to work

Do you want Seal Hose with No Fittings attached?  Click here 3/4 in Bulk Seal Spray Hose with No Fitted ends added.


  • Inside diameter (ID) is 3/4" and OD is 1.11"
  • Up to 250 psi
  • Multi Purpose Combination Air-Liquid Hose Quality (Water or Mild Water-Soluble Chemicals)
  • Excellent Cold Weather Flexibility and hot weather toughness
  • Easy Recoil after use
  • Crimped Hose Connectors for strength and both are swivel male ends
    100 Ft Seal Spray Hose with 2 male swivel ends crimped33.0 lb
    2 Pack (2 x 100 Ft) Seal Spary Hose with 2 male swivel ends66.0 lb
    3 Pack (3 x 100 Ft) Seal Spary Hose with 2 male swivel ends99.0 lb
    4 Pack (4 x 100 Ft) Seal Spary Hose with 2 male swivel ends132.0 lb

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