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Product Image Titan PowrLiner 3500 Paint Striping Machine

Titan PowrLiner 3500 Paint Striping Machine




This Titan PowrLiner 3500 paint striping machine with 4 hp Honda GX120 (120cc) is the new talked about striping machine with sealed hydraulics (no clutch) for minimal maintenance.  This is the perfect size and weight for the middle to upper contractor market and will deliver paint striping efficiency for any size project with easier and faster clean up time.  The compact size of the new Titan Model 3500 will get the job done faster with tighter cleaner lines and save you time and money on maintenance.  There is no packing kit to replace and no piston rod to go bad.  This is an industry first and comes with the longest warranty available (4 yrs).  The size of this machine seems just right as it is a work horse that handles any paint project and pushes paint at 0.75 gpm and at this rate there is no other comparison striper that is compatible with both the lazy liner and the bead dispensing system.


      5 Key Reasons why this Titan 3500 Paint Striper is an industry game changer

      1. INDUSTRY LEADING - RAZOR SHARP LINES (sealed hydraulic, no clutch)
      2. Service cost savings (no repacking kit, piston rod – industry exclusive!)
      3. Lazy Liner / Bead Dispensing System Compatibility (only .75gpm line-striper that offers these options)
      4. Easier and Faster Clean-Up (than your standard line striper)
      5. Longest warranty in the business (4 years)
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