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Product Image Titan PowrLiner 2850 Medium Duty Paint Striping Machine

Titan PowrLiner 2850 Medium Duty Paint Striping Machine




 The Titan PowrLiner 2850 Paint Striping Machine is a medium duty paint striping machine designed for professionals.  This Paint Striper is the perfect size and weight at 160 lbs with the 4.0 HP Honda GX120 Engine and provides 3300 PSI pumping pressure.  This is a great first Paint Striping machine for you if you are in the pavement business and want to paint projects yourself or even take on large pavement striping projects.

  • Medium Duty Paint Striper good for any size parking lot striping job
  • Comes with two paint guns Double Line painting with power 
  • 4 year manufacturer’s Warranty against defects because we know they are rare
  • Paint Gun Holder Bracket allows painting on left, right, front or at back of striper
  • 50 foot x ¼ inch hose allows the gun to be hand used for stencils or other use
  • Honda GX120 (120cc / 4hp) 
  • .92 GPM
  • .019” Max Tip (2 gun unit)
  • 3300psi
  • 4 year warranty standard!
  • Works great with Skipdash Type I Traffic Paint & Skipdash Type II Traffic Paint !!

Paint Compatibility:  Use Solvent or Water Based Paint.

2 Guns251.0 lb

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