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10 Jul

Why Buy a Paint Striping Machine?

Posted by Terry Keenan in paint striping machines

Titan PowrLiner 4955 Line Striping MachinePaint striping machines can be a considerable investment, but oftentimes the investment proves more than worthwhile. Using a paint striping machine cuts down on the time it takes to complete large painting jobs, which allows you to make more money in less time. In addition, line stripers have precision that cannot be mimicked with traditional paint sprayers. These machines can be used for paint striping on parking lots, fields, or turf.

Generally with Titan PowrLiner models, as the model number moves up, more added features become available. Choosing the correct paint striping machine is dependent on engine preference as well. Here are a few main decision points that can determine which paint striping machine is right for you:

1 Gun or 2 Guns: Does your customer need one line painted at a time, or do you often wish you could create two side by side lines more efficiently? Having 2 paint guns gives you the option to simultaneously apply two lines instead of one.

Glass Bead Dispenser: Another consideration is the need for a glass bead dispenser. Line Striping machines with glass bead dispensers add reflective beads directly onto the fresh paint line. Adding a dispenser automates the process, and saves a lot more time compared to dropping beads by hand onto a painted line. This system can be added onto models of the Titan PowrLiner. Order a Titan 1 Gun Paint Kit with Hopper (creates 12 in lines), Single Paint Gun Glass Bead Hopper (creates 4-6 in lines), or 2 Gun Kit with Hopper (creates 4-6 in lines) for the ability to dispense glass beads onto your freshly painted lines.

Added Features: Titan models 4955 6955 and 8955 feature a Smart Arm that allows control of up and down motion of the sprayer arm. This gives you more control over the motions of your sprayer. It’s not necessary for the function of the paint striper, but allows automatic control over the sprayer arm instead of manually moving it.

Drivers: Another great add-on to consider is the LazyLiner Pro Driver or LazyLiner Elite Driver. These attachments allow you to complete the job from your seat instead of standing. The drivers work with PowrLiner Models 2850 through 8955 and provides a sit-down option to decrease worker fatigue. Elite and Pro drivers allow you to complete your paint striping job much faster and with less hassle.

The Bottom Line: When comparing different models, keep in mind what you want the paint striper to do. Having two guns instead of one allows you to lay down two lines side by side in one application. Having a glass bead dispensing system automates the tedious process of dropping reflective beads onto fresh paint lines. All this being said, having any paint striper will make your projects more efficient and lines looking more professional, keeping your employees and customers satisfied.

03 Jul

Why Use Traffic Calming Devices & 5 Options to Do it!

Posted by Terry Keenan in traffic calming devices

Speed BumpWe all know that driving too fast can lead to accidents, and speeding has taken too many lives. Yet everywhere people still drive recklessly in parking lots, dropping kids off at school, in construction zones and more. A simple solution for many applications is to find a traffic calming device that works. For optimal safety, choose a product that is best suited for your needs, whether it's keeping your construction site or school parking lot safe. Look below to see what device is best suited based on where it will be located and the added benefits:

Speed Hump Kits: These kits are perfect for schools and residential areas.  The speed hump is a mini section and is placed in the middle of the road.  They are small and compact, and come in different model sizes for desired width.

Rubber Speed Bump: There are all kinds of rubber speed bumps that have different functions. The higher speed bumps, 3" tall and 4" tall, are for heavy-duty construction vehicles. These help slow down heavy vehicles (up to 74,000 pounds) to a safe 5 miles per hour. There are also a check point speed bumps for concerts and events, and a dirt road speed bump.

Speed Cushion: Speed cushions are perfect for slowing vehicles down while keeping traffic moving. These speed cushions are large rounded sections that are placed in the middle of roads so that cars are kept to 20-30 miles per hour.

Speed Table: A great option for municipalities. Speed tables are much larger than speed cushions and by choosing the correct size a speed table can stretch from one side of the road to the other. There are also options to add arrows going in one direction or two for better traffic flow.

Traffic Delineator: For roads and highways where traffic needs to be slowed and directed into a specific lane. Our delineator system is able to withstand impact from vehicles, which means it's reliable and safe.

Sealcoating.com carries all of these products in an effort to look out for the safety of our customers. See them in our new collection called Traffic Calming Devices. Stay safe out there!

01 Jul

White Stains on Newly Sealcoated Asphalt Parking Lots or Driveways

Posted by Terry Keenan in sealcoating

White Stains on AsphaltYour company just completed a parking lot maintenance project that included all the usual suspects: asphalt patching, hot rubber crack sealing, sealcoating and line striping and when you finished it looked like a million bucks.  The next day you get a call from your customer and he tells you, "It looks like hell, the cracks are all white and the sealer must not have held up!".

You know it looked great because you took a couple pictures of it and it was mostly dry when you left and the weather was perfect.  You immediately run over to look at the project again and find that the cracks are full of a white chalky residue (even brown in some areas), but almost all of the unfilled cracks are white and it's making the entire job look bad.

If you are a veteran sealcoater you knew this is what you would find before getting there, but if you are new to this challenge you need to be prepared for this when you first talk with your customer and even before visiting.
If you have not seen this before then you will learn that the white chalky residue is actually a deposit of mineral salts or calcium carbonate in the groundwater.  The moisture from the evening which seeped up from the ground left the cracks wet even after they had appeared to be fully dry when your company performed the work.  The moisture deposited this residue on top of the sealed surface and as it dried again the next morning the white chalky residue remained.  You can run your finger nail across it and it flakes away and beneath it is a surface that has clearly been sealed properly.
The problem, however, is that you did not prepare your customer for this before it happened which is what an experienced professional will do for many similar and probable outcomes like this one.  Now you must work to educate your customer that this is what took place and that it's all fully protected with sealer.
Make sure you take the time to educate your customers ahead of time, it will save you a lot of time and headaches in the end.
And if you're in need of some quality crack fillers or line striping paint, be sure to check out our full line of products.

27 Jun

Traffic Paint - Type 1, Type 2 & Thermoplastic

Posted by Terry Keenan in thermoplastic, traffic paint

Traffic paint has been a staple of the construction industry for decades.  It’s useful for parking lot lines, walkway lines, and is used in all states across America.  When searching for a traffic paint, most products are either Type I or Type II.  This difference is important when considering where you’re going to apply the paint.  It also falls under federal regulations for specific uses.

Skipdash Type I Red Traffic Paint - 5 Gallon PailType 1 Traffic Paint is allowed in areas where it will have sufficient time to dry without interference (no tack dry time within 30 minutes).  Type 1 Traffic Paint is a good choice for parking lot jobs or apartment complexes where traffic can be blocked off.  It can also be used for roads in many instances.

Skipdash Type 2 Yellow Traffic Paint - 5 Gallon PailType 2 Traffic Paint should be used when paint needs to dry quickly.  Examples where Type 2 Traffic Paint could be used are cross walks and highways.  Ultra fast dry time is imperative (no tack dry time within 15 minutes) in order to keep drivers and pedestrians safe and create fewer hazards.

As a note, Type I Traffic Paint does have a relatively quick dry time, but Type II dries much faster for areas of high traffic.  We offer Type I and Type II traffic paint in a variety of colors to fit state and municipality specifications.


Preformed Thermoplastic RollsTraffic paint is a great option for completing larger sections of pavement and can cover more area faster than preformed thermoplastic.  Thermoplastic is used in everyday applications but you maybe just haven’t noticed.  Many water bottles as well as DVD cases are made from a type of thermoplastic.  It’s been a trend in the construction industry recently to use thermoplastic to easily mark road lines.

The benefit to using thermoplastic is ordering specifically what you need.  Get a handicap sign, 4 inch thick white line, or another symbol ready for application.  Thermoplastic is a material that will easily adhere to pavement under heat.  Symbols for turn lanes and other roadway warnings can be completed much faster than using traditional traffic paint with a roller or stencil.

In addition, thermoplastic often remains intact for a longer duration compared to traditional traffic paint.  This could prove to be a good investment and reduce recurring repairs.

There are many different colors available, including yellow, black, red, white, light green, etc.

While it does matter what project you’re doing and taking to mind state provisions, know that thermoplastic can often be a more durable, faster option.  That’s not to say that traditional traffic paint doesn’t have its pros.  Often it’s more cost-friendly and great for covering a larger surface area.

Whatever your project is - make sure to adhere to local and federal regulations.  Beyond that, we hope this information gives you some insight for which type of paint might be the best option for you.

04 Dec

The Growing Use of Rubber Construction Trackout Mats for Construction Sites

Rubber Construction Trackout Control Mats for FOD Reduction are in use all over the US and have become more popular lately due to changing construction requirements by state department of transportation agencies (D.O.T.’s) and local governments. Your commercial construction site uses designed entrances for traffic and it has become more important to define the entrance and exits areas.  This can be done by using track out mats that help to reduce debris being tracked out the exit and down the roadway as vehicles exit your Construction site.

The new requirements by State and local government organizations and the elimination of the ability to use stone in these exit areas, the DOT’s and local municipal groups are specifying track out mats. Rubber Track Out Mats have helped to reduce the clean up area helping the debris to drop in place or in a smaller area reducing cleanup time. Due to the growing use of Equipment and Construction, recently designed Track Out Mats have a new High Profile Rubber with additional FOD reduction.

FOD reduction designs with higher profiles increase the "rumble" effect during the exit. This new Rubber Track Out Mat Design is an improvement in design as it just works better and makes the clean up a smaller project. Other key benefits of new Track Out designs are that it folds in a compact fashion and allows an easy move and setup to the next project. These new Track Out Mats are D.O.T. approved.

If you'd like to find out more about trackout mats feel free to email or call us. Our email address is service@sealcoating.com.  Our toll-free number in the US is 888-838-7325.