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Product Image Turn Arrow Preformed ThermoPlastic 8' x 6'1" (Qty 2)-Preformed ThermoPlastic-Swarco Industries Inc.-90 MIL (WHITE)-Left Turn-Sealcoating.com

Turn Arrow Preformed Thermoplastic 8 ft x 6 ft 1 in (Qty 2)




Turn Arrow (8' x 6'1'') that indicates a lane that is to be used exclusively as a turn lane. Apply this symbol over a clean paved surface that has been heated by torch. The extremely durable material will stand up to heavy wear from car tires and elemental forces. Effective communication to the motorist can improve roadway latency and general safety. (Qty. 2)

  • Turn Lane Arrow
  • Quantity of 2
  • Measures 8ft x 6ft 1in
  • Preformed Thermoplastic
  • Use of Thermoplastic Primer on asphalt and concrete surfaces can greatly assist with adhesion of material.
  • ** NOTE**  If applying to Concrete surfaces, Thermoplastic Epoxy is required to ensure proper adhesion!
  • Recommendations for applying thermoplastic materials (PDF)
90 MIL (WHITE) / Reversible49.0 lb
90 MIL (WHITE) / Right Turn 90 MIL49.0 lb
90 MIL (WHITE) / Left Turn49.0 lb
125 MIL (WHITE) / Reversible53.0 lb
125 MIL (WHITE) / Left Turn53.0 lb
125 MIL (WHITE) / Right Turn53.0 lb

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