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Product Image 1 Gallon Fat Crack Heavy Duty Crack Filler Cold Applied

Fat Crack™ Heavy Duty Asphalt Crack Filler




Fat Crack™ is our heavily-rubberized Heavy Duty Asphalt Crack Filler for larger asphalt and concrete pavement cracks up to 1" in width. It has resilient qualities and is self-threading or able to return from a stretched position in most climates. This crack sealer is receptive to over sanding and can speed drying time promoting adhesion of asphalt sealers.  This can decrease down time between separate applications and reduces tracking in extreme heat, but is not necessary. For extremely cold weather climates consider our Road Flex — HEAVY DUTY Crack Sealer.  This is a 5 gallon container.

  • Pavement cracks both asphalt & concrete up to 1” width
  • 30 minute drying time at 77⁰F
  • Receptive to over sanding to speed drying & promote adhesion for asphalt sealers
  • Excellent Flow Properties with no pinholing
  • Use with asphalt crack filler pour pot & V-shaped rubber asphalt squeegee

SURFACE PREPARATION:  Surface must be clean, dry and free of all dirt dust and debris. Cracks containing oil or petroleum contaminants can be treated using Sealcoating.com’s Seal Over + oil spot primer to improve adhesion and ability for the seal coat to bond to the pavement.

APPLICATION:  Mix material well prior to use. May be applied with a pour pot, pressurized dispenser or suitable crack sealing applicator cart or machine. Scrape or squeegee flush to surface using a rubber V or U-squeegee tool and allow to cure completely before sealing the pavement. To promote adhesion to refined tar or asphalt emulsion pavement sealers sprinkle or “over sand” with a fine mesh sand with screened consistency before set up. Sanding over the top can reduce tracking during hot temperature curing times and can reduce downtime.

COVERAGE PER GALLON:  Estimated to cover up to 80 linear feet of ½” X ½” depth cracks, but coverage is indefinite. Up to 20 ft.² for patching bird baths ¼” in depth.

CAUTION:  KEEP FROM FREEZING. Do not use when rain is forecast, when surface is wet or when temperature is below 50°F. Wash tools in water. Use a paint thinner if material has dried. Do not store in direct sunlight or where temperatures exceed 100°F. Container should be closed when not in use. Keep out of the reach of children.

PACKAGING:  1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

User friendly, complies with all V.O.C. emissions and E.P.A. standards

Weight per gallon, @ 77°F, ASTM D1010, lbs 9.20 - 9.60
Nonvolatile %, ASTM D2939 68.00
Viscosity @ 77°, ASTM D562 (Kreb’s Stormer Unit) 85 - 95
Penetration (0.1 mm), ASTM D5 50 - 60
Drying time (minutes) ¼” X ¼” @ 77°F & 50% RH 30 min.

Std. Spec for Emulsified Asphalt

AASHTO Designation M140-70
ASTM Designation D977-73 & D244

Meets specs.
Meets specs.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - Click to View PDF in New Window Click to Download PDF

Product Info Sheet (INFO) - Click to View PDF in New Window Click to Download PDF

This information is to assist customers in determining if this product is suitable for the proposed application, and to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the contents. Nothing herein shall constitute a warranty, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness, nor is protection from any law or patent implied.12/8/05

1 Gallon Fat Crack™ Heavy Duty Asphalt Crack Filler Cold Pour9.8 lb
5 Gallon Pail Fat Crack™ Heavy Duty Asphalt Crack Filler48.5 lb
Case of 6 - One Gallon Bottles of Fat Crack™ Sealant58.0 lb

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