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Product Image Preformed Thermo Contrast Road Line-Preformed Thermoplastic-Swarco Industries-90 MIL (4" x 3')-White-Sealcoating.com

Preformed Thermoplastic White Contrast Road Lines w/Black Border




Our packs of White Preformed Thermoplastic Road Pavement Contrast Lines come in 2 thicknesses and various sizes. These easy installation lines are best used for highway, city, and suburban projects. All you need is a clean pavement surface and our heat activated product. Glass Beads within the surface of the product produce a reflective effect in direct light for enhanced Safety. We are proud to say that most Preformed Thermoplastic products we offer are extremely durable to environmental and physical abuse.

Specifications & Details:

  • White lines with a 1.5" Black Border
  • Meets Most State and Federal Specifications
  • Heat applied
  • Fast Installation
  • Use of Thermoplastic Primer on asphalt and concrete surfaces can greatly assist with adhesion of material.
  • ** NOTE**  If applying to Concrete surfaces, Thermoplastic Epoxy is required to ensure proper adhesion!
  • Recommendations for applying thermoplastic materials (PDF)

Other designs such as stencils, color, and size variants may also be found throughout Sealcoating.com.

90 MIL (4 in x 3 ft)40.0 lb
125 MIL (4 in x 3 ft)40.0 lb
90 MIL (5 in x 3 ft)46.0 lb
125 MIL (5 in x 3 ft)46.0 lb
90 MIL (6 in x 3 ft)35.0 lb
125 MIL (6 in x 3 ft)35.0 lb
90 MIL (8 in x 3 ft)54.0 lb
125 MIL (8 in x 3 ft)54.0 lb

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