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Product Image R x R Kit "Standard" Marking Legend (Qty 1 Complete Kit)-Performed ThemoPlastic-Swarco Industries-90 MIL (WHITE)-Sealcoating.com

R x R Kit "Standard" Marking Legend (Qty 1 Complete Kit)




Our Preformed Thermoplastic "RxR" marking (8 ft.) widely identified with railroads, railways, train crossings and other rail intersections is available through Sealcoating.com. This standard version is ideal as warning of a nearby railroad crossing. Simply being aware of what's ahead can make everyone safer. This MUTCD (Manual on Uniformed Traffic Control Devices) approved sign is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. (Qty - One Complete Kit available in 90 MIL and 125 MIL)

  • Signals an Approaching Railroad Crossing
  • MUTCD Approved
  • One Complete Kit Included
  • Use of Thermoplastic Primer on asphalt and concrete surfaces can greatly assist with adhesion of material.
  • ** NOTE**  If applying to Concrete surfaces, Thermoplastic Epoxy is required to ensure proper adhesion!
  • Recommendations for applying thermoplastic materials (PDF)
    90 MIL (WHITE)65.0 lb
    125 MIL (WHITE)90.0 lb

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