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Product Image Yellow 60 MIL 360 Ft Thermoplastic Road Line Roll

Thermoplastic Road Lines 60 MIL 360 ft Rolls




Order these 360 foot 60 MIL thermoplastic road lines for an affordable method to install road markings. Durable and made with a reflective topcoat, application is simple with no specialized equipment needed. Apply to asphalt or concrete with application of heat (using a torch), no melting equipment needed. Thermoplastic rolls make great centerlines or edgelines and other applications on pavement and concrete. If application is on concrete, use with Epoxy for Thermoplastic Application and Thermoplastic Primer.  These rolls come in your choice of white or yellow, select color choice with the drop down. These rolls come in either 4 in x 360 ft or 6 in x 360 ft that can be chosen with the drop down. Remember to comply with local and state specs for thermo roll products and application before use.

  • 360 ft Thermo Rolls - 60 MIL
  • Choose width of 4 in or 6 in, Colors of Yellow or White
  • Economically friendly option for thermoplastic line markings
  • Use of Thermoplastic Primer on asphalt and concrete surfaces can greatly assist with adhesion of material.
  • ** NOTE**  If applying to Concrete surfaces, Thermoplastic Epoxy is required to ensure proper adhesion!
  • Recommendations for applying thermoplastic materials (PDF)


4 in x 360 ft - 1 Roll / White64.0 lb
4 in x 360 ft - 1 Roll / Yellow64.0 lb
6 in x 360 ft - 1 Roll / White96.0 lb
6 in x 360 ft - 1 Roll / Yellow96.0 lb

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