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19 Aug

Traffic Control Products - Buy in Bulk and Save

Posted by Terry Keenan

We are excited to offer a variety of our traffic control items such as safety barrels and channelizers in large quantities.  Discounts are given as quantity goes up.  Buying a full pallet at once is a great way to get all the materials needed for your next project at a great price point.  Some of these items are available in truckload quantities (20 pallets!) for greater volume and savings.

Safety Barrels and Channelizers

Traffic Safety Barrels/Drums

Safety barrels or highway drums are stackable and come in a pallet stacked together, making transportation and set up of these items simple and convenient. Buy with 4-inch stripes or 6-inch stripes and with different qualities of sheeting to comply with your local or state regulations/specs. We offer these traffic drums in pallet and truckload quantities to get the most for your money. We offer two models: the Lane Changer and Standard Orange Traffic Barrels. See our full pallet/truckload quantities of the Lane Changer w/4 in Reflective StripesLane Changer w/6 in Reflective StripesStandard Orange w/4 in Reflective Stripes, or Standard Orange w/6 in Reflective Stripes.

Other work zone appropriate items offered in bulk are our 42 inch tall traffic channelizers with 2 inch reflective stripes. These come in a pallet quantity – 200 per pallet!  Choose between Channelizer with two 4-inch reflective stripes or Channelizer with two 6-inch reflective stripes. Both these products allow you to choose sheeting quality of the reflective stripes. Channelizers in the full pallet option do not have a base attached, but we now have bulk bases that come in pallets to order. There is an option between the 16 lb pallet of bases and 30 lb pallet of bases, both add extra weight and stability. Extensive mileage of road work/construction means your crew needs a large quantity of supplies to keep drivers and workers safe. Order in bulk to save time and money so you can start your project.

Smaller Bulk Items

If you are looking for other items that can be bought in a bundle, we offer slow/stop handles for work sites as a bundle of 6 so you can save. One model we offer in bulk is the 24 in Reversible STOP/SLOW Sign with Reflectorized Telescoping. The other bundles for Stop/Slow paddles can be found on our Safety collection under Traffic Control.

Apart from work safety bulk items, there are several wheel chocks that secure parked vehicles. See these wheel chocks on our page to find a model that best suits your needs. These wheel chock options come with 12 to a bundle.

Bundling these items allows for you to buy what you need at one time, in one place, and allows you to spend less overall. We hope you enjoy these pallet, truckload, and bundle quantities for your next big project.