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Product Image Spider Crack Economy Crack Sealer - 55 Gal Drum

Spider Crack™ Economy Crack Sealer - 55 Gal Drum




Sealcoating.com's Spider Crack™ Economy Grade Cold Pour asphalt crack filler sold in bulk 55 Gallon Drums is what you need if you are either selling to pavement maintenance contractors or have high volumes of crack filling to do yourself. Spider Crack sealer is designed for smaller pavement cracks used for maintaining asphalt surfaces and is often preferred by the contractors performing minor repairs, residential or small commercial sealcoating or for any property maintenance work. Although designed for smaller pavement cracks and applied most often prior to sealcoating, this can be used for many pavement repair events prior to sealing or filling cracks.

COVERAGE PER GALLON:  Estimated to cover up to 80 linear feet of ½” x ½” depth cracks, but coverage is indefinite. 

CAUTION:  KEEP FROM FREEZING. Do not use if surface is wet, or it is suspected to rain. Do not store in hot temperatures or use product when temperature is below 50°F. Keep container out of the reach of children and closed when not in use

PACKAGING:  1 gallon jugs or 5 gallon pails, and full pallets of 5 gallon pails.

Weight per gallon, @ 77°F, ASTM D1010 (lbs) 9.30 - 9.50
Viscosity @ 77°, ASTM D562 (Kreb’s Stormer Unit) 75 - 80
% Weight Solids 52.00 - 55.00
Drying time (minutes) ¼” x ¼” @ 77°F & 50% RH 60 min.
AASHTO M 140-70 meets spec.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) - Click to View PDF in New Window | Click to Download PDF

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