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18 Jul

Hot Rubber Crack Filling Products, Application Tools and Benefits

Posted by Terry Keenan in crack filler, hot rubber crackfiller
Pure Hot Pour Hot Rubber Crack FillerHot rubber crack filler is generally a commercial product commonly used on roadways and parking lots (there are residential cold rubber crack filler options for driveways). It is designed to seal cracks greater than 3/8" to prevent water from destroying the stone base beneath the pavement. The flexible rubber adheres to the edges of the crack and allows for the expanding and contracting of the ground with climate changes.

30 Gallon Hot Rubber Melter KettleThe process requires a heating machine, or melter kettle, that uses propane and requires some set up time, additionally you will want a v shaped squeegee to apply the product efficiently and possibly a pour pot to help with distribution. The application is sometimes not aesthetically pleasing, but necessary for good long-term maintenance practices and pavement preservation. If this process is performed prior to a sealcoating application then the crack filling material is less noticeable but still evident. Hot rubber crack filling is the best process and offers the longest lasting crack sealing solution for pavement preservation. Most cold pour rubber materials are not as flexible and can open up again within the same year they are applied.  But they still provide good maintenance benefits if performed regularly.

Choosing an appropriate hot-rubber product for your next commercial project depends on what equipment you choose to melt the crack filler and any local or federal specifications you must meet. Below are our hot-applied products matched with appropriate application tools.

Pure Hot Direct Fire Crack Sealant is great to use with our 10 Gallon Hot Rubber Crack Sealer Applicator or 30 Gallon Hot Rubber Asphalt Crack Sealer Kettle.  A direct flame melts the product before application onto pavement.

Our Pure Hot 3405 Crack Sealant meets ASTM D6690 Type II requirements and is compatible with the 10 Gallon Hot Rubber Crack Sealer Applicator or 30 Gallon Hot Rubber Asphalt Crack Sealer Kettle just like the Pure Hot direct fire option.  This product is perfect if your state requires you to meet the ASTM D6690 Type II requirement.

The Pure Hot Pour Joint Sealant for Oil Jacketed Units is specifically designed for those oil-jacketed machines with a layer of oil in between that provides a more steady temperature within the melter. Using an oil-jacketed machine provides reliable application and is a good investment for larger commercial projects. Use this hot-applied product specifically with oil-jacketed applicators.

Choose a hot-applied crackfiller that will suit your crew and project needs. Read our article on cold-applied rubber products that are perfect when there are few cracks to fill or for residential application.
18 Jul

Cold Pour Crack Fillers & Application

Posted by Terry Keenan in cold pour crack filler, crack filler

Cold Pour Crack Fillers & SealersCold pour crack filler is for both residential and commercial applications. It is a product designed to fill cracks greater than 3/8" to prevent water from destroying the stone base beneath the pavement. Many cold crack fillers are beneficial if applied regularly for residential drives. There are some cold pour commercial products that are recommended for your pavement maintenance project.  If cracks are generally large in width and yet there is minimal cracking, then it may make sense to use a high-end elastic cold material which can sometimes meet the same stringent standards of the various hot rubber materials.  Here is a brief overview of some different options to consider...

Our Spider Crack is a cold pour, ready-to-use formula that's perfect for residential asphalt driveways to patch cracks up to a 1/2in in width.  It can also be applied to small commercial projects especially of asphalt basketball courts, walkways and where you don’t need a hot applied option but want to seal up cracks on a paved surface.

Fat Crack is a heavy-duty option and is for larger cracks up to an inch wide and is both durable and fast-drying, meant for larger cracks in pavement and concrete.

For concrete driveways, sidewalks and parking lots, we offer Gap Crete Concrete Crack Filler. A fantastic product that is non-silicone based.

Other options to consider for cold-applied crack filler are trowelable options like Fat Patch and Sand Gator that are a paste applied to the surface of cracks in asphalt.

If you specifically need a cold-applied crackfiller that's jet fuel resistant, Road Flex is the right solution for airport projects.

Cold applied products are great to use when pavement doesn't require extensive crack filling. It does not require the expensive investment of a heating component and is ready to be used from the container. Cold pour applied crack filler can be used for commercial applications when there is not a high volume of cracks to seal and as a money-saving option. Cold Pour is the best choice for residential applications especially of driveways.

If you wish to learn more about hot rubber, check out our post on hot rubber crack fillers.